A coaching hub is a group of churches being coached together intensively and reflectively twice a year in a specific location. Gather with peers and others with a passion for your region and discover how the divine dream for your city brings life. Think differently, think expansively, think creatively. Best of all think together. Think beyond yourself. Think in ways that bring life to the church and the city. Coaching Hubs allows us to operate in partnerships AND they offer practices for growth. 


The Coaching Hub meets twice a year. This allows each leader to come with four of their senior team. Each team is signing up for two days to connect with others in their region with churches of varying sizes and denominations. Throughout these times there will be opportunity for reflection, discussion and impartation as Churches bring clearer definition to their vision. Each of the gatherings will include Alan helping to unpack two of the following topics (all will be covered throughout the year):

  • Vision for the Future
    Discovering how God's good future is greater than the church, unlocking the uniqueness of your church, learning how to create culture, identify and break growth barriers, moving from recruiting volunteers to raising up trusted rulers, redesigning structures that carry the future, changing the culture of your church, and much more. 
  • Creating and Sustaining Missional Culture
    Iincludes catalysing evangelism, raising and releasing scattered servants, developing outward focus, unleashing the gift of evangelist, operating ministry on the streets, harnessing the power of story all to unlock the missional potential of everyone, everywhere, everyday. 
  • Rethinking Discipleship
    Including moving towards city formation, creating disciples who change culture, thinking through discipleship as immersion in the story and glory of God, moving from accountability structures to impossibility cultures, examining the practices and postures of discipleship.
  • Bringing Life to the City
    including cultivating compassion, discovering the divine dream for your city, stewarding the supernatural, developing intentional partnerships, releasing people movements, bringing life to business, and much more.

+ Is there a Hub in my area?

We are currently exploring dates for Coaching Hubs in the following areas:

United States
Location: Chicago
Dates: TBC

Location: TBC
Dates: TBC

Location: Exeter/Devon
Dates: TBC

+ more to be added.

+ What is the cost?

The cost for the Hub for the two days is £1000 for the team.

+ Can I register/show interest for a Hub?

Yes you can. Click below to find out more information about a coaching hub in your region or sign up for one listed on this page.